Leadership by Joshua

April 4, 2012
This time around the youth students were tasked with one of the following:
1. Talking to a parent or guardian about their views and policies about fighting in school.
2. What “leadership” means to them.
3. Why they felt they deserved to move to the adult class.

At this time we would like to congratulate Joshua Gonzales for his exceptional work on this assignment! Please follow the link to see what Joshua had to say about “leadership”.

To take in or show respect to tohers and my fellow teammates. What I think leadership means to be a leader and always take full responsibility for your actions. I’m trying to say is to always follow the rules and never talk back to your teachers. In school you need to be a leader and hopefully your grades will improve.

What I need to work on is being respectful to my teachers and don’t talk back. And when I do these things I will get rewarded for my succeses. now since my grades improved I will be able to step myself up to be on track. And if my mom told Lynda or Jeremy I’ll get punished by them. Hopefully I can make every one proud of me for being a great student in and school and also in the gym.

When I’m at the gym I can show the little to younger kids to be respectful and not be a slacker. And they see how good of a role model I am tto them.

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