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Training Staff:

Co-Head Trainer: Lynda Chunhawat
Co-Head Trainer: Arthur Wong
Asst. Trainer: Bounthong “Tong” Syvanthong
BoxingTrainer: Danovis “Dee” Pooler
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Trainer: Shawn Tamaribuchi

Class descriptions:

Muay Thai:
Whether students are new to martial arts or experienced this class will get your heart rate up and improve your overall fitness in a safe limited contact class setting. Here you will learn all the fundamentals of the 2,000+ year old art of Muay Thai. This was originally the hand to hand combat system for the military and has in modern times evolved into one of the most feared yet respected stand up sport martial arts while serving as a very practical and natural form of self defense.

The “Sweet Science”, students will learn all of the boxing fundamentals in this intense calorie burning class in a limited contact class setting. Pugilists will follow in the tracks of the ancient Greeks in this Olympic style class. Boxing focus on arms and hand strikes but our classes designed to deliver a total body workout engaging your mental and physical toughness.

Youth Muay Thai:
For the next generation of Nak Muay, a class for children ages **5 and up. This class will be a mix of hard work and physical activity coupled with a learning opportunity. We will teach your children a little bit of history but more importantly our trainers are well versed in guiding your children through conflict resolution through communication techniques. We want to ensure that while our youth students are learning martial arts they understand they undertake a commitment to make wise decisions by teaching some life skills.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:
This is a traditional Gi (uniform) class for all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced. Instruction is patient and will give you a solid foundation in this hybrid art. Here you will learn about leverage and basics on joint locks and chokeholds. The training is designed to give your ground game the nuances to defend yourself or compete if you choose.

Competitive Training:
Fighter training for both amateurs and professionals. Closely supervised fight preparation. If you are interested you will need to see a trainer about the requirements and for approval to enter this program.

*Private Instruction: Available, please see the trainer of your choice directly
** Age is at discretion of trainer.

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